Preparation For Pregnancy

A few couples decide to have children as soon as they get married, and some decide to have children after marriage. There are some points that should pay attention to couples who decide to have children. The most important of these is to sort the item by item:

– You should contact your doctor when you decide to get pregnant, not after you get pregnant. You will be given information about pregnancy and what to look out for during the preparation period of pregnancy. Some tests will be done before the pregnancy.
In order to prevent neural tube defects in the baby, every couple planning pregnancy should start taking folic acid before they become pregnant. To make it easier for you to get pregnant, you have to have intercourse near the ovulation days.Taking into account your chances of becoming pregnant at any time, you should be careful not to use medicines that may harm your pregnancy. You should not take any medication without consulting your doctor.
– Similarly, you should not be in the areas of X-rays.
If you have habits such as smoking and alcohol, you should leave them during pregnancy preparation and pregnancy period (even if possible completely).
– If you are a new married couple, you should avoid anxiety and stress before the end of 1 year of your marriage. Stress and anxiety will bring harm to a couple who want to have a pregnancy. Normally the expected duration of pregnancy in couples is 1 year (continuous 12 months unprotected regular sexual intercourse))
– The ideal sexual intercourse frequency for pregnancy 2 times a week.
Regular exercise and sports will make you feel better before pregnancy, both physically and psychologically. In addition, this type of activity before pregnancy during pregnancy during exercise is easier to do.
– If you have excessive weight during the preparation period of pregnancy with the help of a dietitian to get rid of them will benefit you in pregnancy and childbirth.
– If you are older than 35, it is recommended that you consult a gynaecologist for evaluation of your pregnancy potential (over reserve). You should not wait for 1 year for pregnancy to occur and you should consult your doctor as you are younger.
– If you have hypertension, diabetes, goiter, anemia or other systemic disease, you should contact your doctor again and discuss the treatments that will be planned during pregnancy and during pregnancy. For example, some of your medicines may need to be changed.
– During the preparation period of pregnancy balanced and regular nutrition should be paid attention . Pregnancy should start at a normal weight as much as possible. Obesity, which will develop after excessive calorie intake, will bring with it some problems during pregnancy.
– It will be useful to get information about the pregnancy period in advance, so you should not expect to be pregnant.