Pregnancy Follow-Up

Pregnancy follow-up of the mother and baby after birth from the beginning of pregnancy to evaluate the status of the mother and the Father to inform, to prevent or detect possible problems related to the mother and the baby to be examined. Couples planning a pregnancy soon pregnancy occurred before the start of this examination because it is true in this case in the Mother before pregnancy is more pregnancy-related or other problem is caused by the presence of pregnancy vitamins in order to prepare for and, if necessary, other drugs are given, the family is informed about the pregnancy so that the mother’s pregnancy to the healthiest way to start.

Planning of pregnancy:
Before conception, when you apply to the doctor during the planning stage, various tests are done to the mother and the risks that may occur in terms of pregnancy are tried to be avoided. For example, if the mother has anemia, it is corrected before pregnancy. Measles and other infectious diseases. If the mother does not have measles during pregnancy, she should be very careful not to pass it during pregnancy because the infection of measles can cause problems during pregnancy. If the mother is overweight, it is recommended to lose weight before pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is a condition in which the baby’s blood glucose level is too high. The mother’s candidate is informed about the use of drugs, smoking and alcohol. All women planning pregnancy ntd (neural tube defect) prophylaxis of folic acid in the recommended dosage of folic acid begins. In risky regions, carriers are investigated for diseases such as hemoglinopathy, cystic fibrosis.

Your doctor will examine you and evaluate you in almost a month, depending on the condition of your pregnancy. Each examination measures the mother’s blood pressure and weight. (Pregnancy weight gain) there are tests done in some months, they are done. Ultrasound is used to assess whether the baby’s weight is normal or not. The presence of abnormalities in the baby is investigated for this, especially 5. at the end of the month, the patient is redirected to detailed ultrasonography. A vaginal examination of the mother’s way of birth and bone structure is compared to the baby’s posture and weight, and the possibility of normal birthing is carried out about a guess. However, it cannot be guaranteed that normal birth will occur and cannot be known until the moment of birth. In some cases, the baby is not expected to start due to the opposite or for other reasons, and cesarean birth is determined before birth and the birth is performed with cesarean section.

Routine multivitamin supplementation is not recommended for every pregnant woman unless the mother’s diet is of extreme importance. Multivitamin pills are given to those with nutritional problems or vegetarians. The drugs and vitamins used in pregnancy are explained on a separate topic.

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface antibody (hbsab) and hepatitis B core antibody (hbcab) If you are at high risk of getting hepatitis B, do not donate blood, organs, or tissues during pregnancy. and 6. it must be repeated in months. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) core antibody (hbcab IgG) and hepatitis B core antibody (hbcab IgG) Hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface antibody (hbsab) and hepatitis B core antibody (hbcab)